Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Phone History

HAHAHAHA Okay. So now, just gonna let you guys see my phone history.

And you'll realise how much of a spendthrift I am when it comes to phones. Hehe.

My FIRST phone was a Teletubbbie phone. It's basically a THICK BLACK PHONE and does not need a sim card.

Does not need a sim card.

DOES NOT need a sim card.

MEANING TO SAY, it's a really old phone. Heck, I can't even find it on Google image. Lol. It was my first phone and I was so happy. But it could not send out any sms-es. Only could call out. So yeah. Hahahahah.
This was like the closest thing I could find to my first phone. YUP It has an aerial or antenna. The only difference between this phone and my first phone is my first phone's area is in the MIDDLE.

And hence, it was called the Teletubbie phone, 'cos it had an aerial in the middle. Swt.

Next, my second phone was a Kyocera ! It's a hand-me-down phone from my second sister.

This is how it looks like !

I am amazed I still can find the pic. Lol.

I really liked this phone's button. It's very nice to press. And the background light is green !! unlike most phone that is yellow.

Nexxxxxxxxxxxxxt. Nokia something. Lol. I forgot what model it was but it looks like this.

Except it's not coloured-screen. Lol. I was so happy when I got this phone. It's also a hand-me-down phone from my sister. BUT it's small and I AM HAPPY. Then I happily used it to Damai Beach with my cousin. And it fell into the sea. It has never been alive since.

DDDD: Then I cried. I only owned it for like 1 week? before it died. DDD: Saddest experience ever.

Because of that, I had to use a cheap BULKY 3310. This phone is like a stone. Hahah. But the buttons were amazing to press. I collected the highest score with the snake game using that phone. WHY? 'cos the button damn nice ! :D

HAHAHHA THEN I MET MR. HIGH TECH and I got this phone !

Samsung S600. My very first camera phone ! And a flip one too! Hahahahah It was such a good buy. Was introduced to camwhoring through this phone. And it has a screen on the cover, so I can view my own face there ! How cool is that !!

BUT, this phone dropped out from my pants pocket when I went to a competition in KL. I was in the bus, sleeping. And it dropped out. I reached the hotel and wanted to happily call my parents and I found out my phone WAS GONE. And then I cried.


Then, my daddy so nice he decided to get me a nice Nokia phone ! Nokia 3100. I was introduced to GPRS with this phone LOL And I couldn't stop sending MMS-es to everyone. AHAHAHAH ! The area around the front cover lights up and it's so cool!!!

That's when I realised, "hmmm. Nokia is not for me ! I should try Sony Ericsson" and I begged my dad to get me this ! SE W550i. Muahahahhahaha It's a rotate phone. AND BULKY. But I didn't care about it's bulkiness then 'cos I get excited when I got a new phone.

The two buttons above the screens actually works ! I used it when I play Worms with that phone. Best phone to play Worms!!!! My dad is currently using this phone, which just proves SONY ERICSSON HAS THE BEST PHONES.

After a while, I missed having a flip phone. Lol. And got this. WOOOHOOOO. SE W380. Seriously, once you've purchased a Sony Ericsson, you'll never wanna change back to Nokia or Samsung EVER AGAIN.

This is the inside of my phone. The keypad area. Nice right??? Hahaha. My mom is using this phone now.

Then, after a while, I was like I miss bar phones. LOL. So, I got this. SE W660. SEE ! A SE PHONE AGAIN. You Nokias should just convert to SE now. It's like waaaaay better. My mom ia using it now too. 'Cos she has two numbers.

Again, after a while the ice-cream phone came out. AND HOW CAN I NOT HAVE IT? LOLOL. It's freaking Japanese-modeled (although it's a Korean phone) and it's so nice ! So, I got it!

AHHAHAHAHAH. And I still have it today. Means I have two phones today 'cos I too sayang wanna trade in this phone. I still use it now occasionally. :D

SEEE ! It's so pretty 'cos I zhnged it with flowers. hahaha. Now they all come off liao. Need to zhng again sooon. :D (zhng means bling)

Then, I finally came to conclude that, once a SE fan, ALWAYS a SE fan. SO HERE IS MY CURRENT PHONE !! SE W595 ! and it's pink and it's a slide phone and it's so nice and pretty and just practically AWESOME LAH.

So prettty ! The theme so cute right? Downloaded it from an online friend. Hahaha. It's called Apple Panda.

AND SO, that concludes this history post. Technically, I spent A LOT on phones but I would say that it did not go to waste because now my parents are using better phones ! :D

My mom's original phone was in bad shape but she didn't want to change it, so I gave her my phones instead of trading it in and SEE, it's being used properly now ! Same goes to my dad. (consoling self. lol)

Nevertheless, the current sew595 has been the longest with me. (: Since beginning of 2009 till now ! and it's working perfectly. Having no plans to change phones now, 'cos my budget is kinda tight now and changing phones are the least of my worries. Lol.

Although sometimes I do crave for a new phone that has wi-fi, but thank God there's Digi and their free access to Facebook. Lol. :) It helped me shut off my craving for a new phone.

Anyway, that's all for this post. Lol. Hope you guys had fun reading ! SONY ERICSSON FOREVER BABEHHHH !!



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Choulyee said...

haha.. dear, for your teletubbie phone (name courtesy of Daddy) the 'area' is actually called 'aerial'... sweat.. haha :) and I did not realise you had so many phones.. don't think even I have seen them all, they're either in your pocket or bag.. hidden.. hehe :)

Choulyew said...

sketchwear : haha cool blog too ! :) It'll be really nice if customers can customize their design lol. like we send in our designs and u make it real lol. ! anyway, Good luck with your new business !!


mammal said...

I have an SE J20i now. lol.
my old phone broke. -.-

Choulyee said...

ahaha.. now that you mention it, i think the right word is actually 'antenna'... hehe :)

Choulyew said...

oh mammal ! i actually dun reli like that phone from se cos the button a bit hard to press. hahah but it's cute and tahan lasak. cos it's stainless steel back cover.

:D next time buy new phone buy SE one also ! SE SUPPORTER Hohohoho

Mammal said...

To me its okay. Prevents from accidentally calling someone. Ahah

Mammal said...

And I like the fact that it's red :D

cia cia said...

I think you are getting humorous in your writing and sooo interesting =)
especially this sentence. I LOL at this one >>> And it fell into the sea. It has never been alive since~~~
ahhahaha... and etc etc..
eh,now i recall you lost the Samsung S600 in kl. i think someone stole it or what right?.. or you suspect someone stole it at that time? cant really remember but got this kinda issue right?

Choulyew said...

hahah i forget liao cia. but the samsung one was when i was still in swimming. ahhahah not shooting.

:D maybe it's other people's phone? ahhahahah and thanks ! keep coming back to read. bahahhaha